Sacred Journey Mentor

Meet Leahona and The New Friends

May 17, 2017

Welcome to the launch and birth UER's new show with Leahona* and the New Friends. Today, is the New Moon in Taurus. Join in as we expand into what is possible and tap into what do YOU want to birth? More peace? More Divine Connections? More Love? 

Join host Leahona Pam Rennie, Alchemist and Channel as she introduces, The New Friends. Merged with The Archanges and many Assended Masters, the New Friends are  Multi Dimensional beings with the Counsel of Love and Light who are passionate about your personal assention and happiness in this lifetime.

Experience a conversation that makes a difference and matters as we talk about what is happening now and how we can navigate our sacred journey by following our hearts and being connected to our own "compass."

Sharing her personal experiences as insights for you to glean from Leahona will also take questions from listeners. Messages will be channeled for you to be enlightened, uplifted and smile.

This will be a gathering of All That Is, designed and intended to for your highest good and enlightenment. 

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